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TX_QtPi, here are my thoughts. We take your comments in stride and at face value. I hope you take my following ones the same...

The closed off notion may be in part that TFL isn't a "chat room". It's a discussion board. We expect fairly no-nonsense posts here. Sure, it's OK to post some funny remarks. The atmosphere isn't expected to be as such as intermission at an opera. On the same token, it isn't Chuck E Cheese's, either.

Admittedly, I haven't researched your posting history to see exactly what vibes you may be receiving. However, there's plenty of possible scenarios why your questions might not be answered. Some may not know what the answer(s) to your question(s) are. Some may have read your opening post, meant to provide a reply, and just plain forgot to get back to you. Some don't like to be the first to respond. One thing is clear, IMO, is they're not failing to reply because you're a female. On the contrary, as our board comprises mostly males, they generally are quicker to respond to females' questions. If you look at the posting history and the demographics, I'm led to believe it has nothing to do with being sexist. Rather, I'm willing to bet a Buffalo Nickel it's because men want women to be involved furthering our cause here. We want women to have the same right to exercise the very same freedoms we do....equally. I can't count the number of married friends of mine that the husband is involved exercising his 2nd Amendment rights while their wives aren't interested, detest it, or are intimidated to do the same just because they think it's a "guy thing". Over the years, they've been slowly coming around.

So, here's my challenge to you. If you love what you claim, then stick around. Love is patient. Love is kind. There is a wealth of knowledge and very good people here. Be ready to take a possible hit (figuratively speaking) regarding your future contributions for a little while. Some may be put off on how you came across here and may not want to freely engage in discussion right away. Whether or not you feel fully justified on what/how your said your piece, others may have differing opinions and I suggest respecting their viewpoint as well.

I truly hope you take up my challenge. We need women just as much, if not moreso, in our community. And I'm not talking just here at TFL.

Don't know too many men called QTPI ( cutie pie )
Look at her handle.
To be honest, the abbreviations didn't click with me, either. So, Mike might have a point still.
If it were up to me, the word "got" would be deleted from the English language.

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