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The introduction of one of the aricles you linked provides that :

[QUOTE]One of the smallest shotguns available, the .410 Bore should be considered among the lowest-performing shotguns for hunting and self-defense. . . . using buckshot or a limited-expansion slug the .410 Bore can be relied upon to stop an attacker given greater than ordinarily careful shot placement.[/QUOTE]

So you are recommending the use of one of the lowest-perfoeming shotguns for self-defense?

You continue to overlook the risks incumbent on the use of over penetrating slugs in a home defense environment.

I have some buddies that shoot the .410. One has a physical handicap for decades and having shot the .410 for decades is very good with it. While he regularly shoots trap in the low 90's, if he could shoot a 20 or a 12 I have not doubt he would be in the very high 90's. BigJim shoots a .410, when he wants to punish himself, and I don't think of him as a poor shot. Of course it is difficult for a little guy like Jim to handle anything more than a .410.
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