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Kahr CM9 - Is it the best 9mm for CC purposes?

I am saving my lunch money to buy a 9mm semiautomatic pistol for concealed carry purposes. I have researched many compact and subcompact pistols and have narrowed my selection to these models. Price is not a big concern because personal safety is priceless. Capacity is not an issue because I always carry a spare magazine.

From best to worse:

Kahr PM9 or CM9- Simple design, very light, reliable, no safety features, no magazine disconnect, accurate, good sights, good trigger, easy to conceal.

Glock 26 - a bit heavier, bulkier, but shares the rest of the attributes mentioned before for the Kahr CM9.

Kel Tec PF9 - Same as Kahr but has mixed reviews regarding ejector problems and FTF/FTE issues.

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated...
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