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a lot of really interesting comments here

I like my little safe like I said, I have a larger one that is more difficult for long term and more effective storage of my valuables.
the harbor freight safe is just to tuck my hand gun in when I go to bed and it lets me in quickly if i Need to get it. If properly mounted to a book shelf or a wall, you would certainly have a higher level of protection, as you wont be able to just walk out with it or toss it on the ground to bust it open. But as I said, its merely to secure the weapon and keep me on the rite side of the law, as they do frown on unsecured loaded guns. I have kids, teens but just the same, this way if for some reason they had reason to be in my home(cops etc) I am good. Anyway, its really up to the original poster to decide the content of his belongings.
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