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Thanks for the info. I appreciate the laymans terms. Alot of folks here are far beyond my understanding when it comes to the wording.

I measured the mouth's OD of a fired Win. case from my gun and its .255 to .256 so i am ordering a .248 and .249 bushings. This seems to be consistant with my research so far.

I have loaded for 8 or 9 years and am pretty particular on consistancy with case prepping and powder charging but i have always used standard dies and have adjusted them as directed in the instructions. I want to take it to another level so that is why i want to begin to size based off what head space my chamber needs instead of always pushing the shouler too far back like i know i am doing. I also am looking to move to a Redding bushing die so that i can eliminate the expander ball.

I have been advised to pick up the RCBS measuring kit to measure my fired cases so thats what i am about to do. I mainly am in need of the tips that come along with properly measuring a fired case and correctly adjusting my die so that i am getting the minus .001 or.002 measurement to the case shoulder.
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