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One of the things I like the most about the LCT is the ease in switching from caliber to caliber. I like to reload but I do not like loading more than 1-2 boxes (of 50) of any one load at a time. I dont like my attention wandering when I load. I prefer to waste the 1-2 minutes it takes to switch turrets and change the powder charge (and primer size/type if necessary) after I have loaded a few boxes. This keeps things fresh for me during a reloading session.

I go to the range 3-5 times a week and try to reload 1-3 times a week to top off what I have shot. This way I am never "behind" in my round count for any one caliber and forced to chain myself to the press to build my stock back up.

This is just one man's method. Down the road I will have a progressive for the 2-3 loads I shoot the most and use the turrets for the rest. It would be nice to crank out 500/hr of my favorite target load in .380, 9mm and .45acp.

One more great benefit of loading with the LCT in autoindexing mode that I dont think gets discussed enough is the fact that not matter where you are in the reloading process there is always only one "live" cartridge in process. If you want to step away from the work station for any reason all you need to do is stop, dump whatever powder you have in the case in process (if any) and leave. Try that when you have 50 charged cases in a loading tray This is especially nice when you feeling tired or get distracted for any reason.
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