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In my opinion, its o.k. for someone to ask questions - - and I think people here are trying to help the OP. But still, - - -

When it absolutely comes down to it . . . there's no 100% answer that anyone can give. it all depends on your circumstances and the unpredictable future.

As an example, one of the reason I like revolvers is I spend a lot of time in the mountain backcountry. Sometimes I'm in territory where big 4 legged critters are, and I prefer having the power of any one of a number of various .44 or .45 caliber chambered revolvers on my hip. Under those circumstances, raw power and bullet design (including flat meplat wide nosed hardcast ) trump capacity.
If while out in the wilds, I happen to run into some hidden 'zombie' filled meth lab, I'd probably wished I had the high cap Glock instead.
You place your bets and take your chances. (And remember that a sidearm is only what you use to fight your way back to your real gun - - a rifle !)
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