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It is my civilian understanding that, at least here in Florida, the critical difference between "carrying" and "transporting" is ACCESS. (Couldn't get the Bold to work, vs all-caps) If your gun (shotgun is irrelevant) is 3 steps or more away from access to firing-capable, it is "transporting," AFAIK. That means unloaded, in a container, and locked. A container probably includes a storage compartment in an SUV, for example, and a locked one of those probably meets the definition of the third step.
See this re the so called Three Step Rule and what is the actual law.

One problem. It's nonsense. Yep, I said it. It doesn't exist. Its' kind of like the Skunk Ape, lots of people have heard about it, but no one has ever seen it. No such rule, no such steps, and it isn't "essentially" the law.
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