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Rule of thumb for pocket pistols...

No more than 5" to 5.5" OAL, 0.75" to 1" thickness, 3.5" to 4" height. The lighter the better <duh>. Always us a pocket holster unless you're carrying chamber empty. Use an appropriate pocket holster for carrying back pants pocket to eliminate print. Thinner is better for front pants pocket carry. Loose pants do better for front pants pocket carry as well.

Don't pocket carry in an inside breast pocket of a jacket. Difficult to draw, snagging, & weight usually drags down one side of your jacket.

I personally prefer back pocket carry with a DeSantis Superfly. The additional velcro cover rids printing 100% and looks like a wallet. It is also useful carrying on strong side - <weak hand up, body in retention stance> "Stop! Here's my wallet! Don't shoot!" Only drawback to backpocket carry is that it requires a smaller pistol and one can't draw sitting down.
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