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I love AZ, been here my entire life minus some time over seas back in the day. One thing - if you aren't used to hot summers, come visit in July, first. Our summers are easier than summers in Georgia and such, being a very low humidity "dry" heat, but they can still bake you alive. Had to shut the airport down in Phoenix once when it hit 122 degrees there.
Winters are the best, get to wear your jacket just enough days of the year to justify owning one. if you go to northern Arizona, you get for cooler weather, up around Flagstaff is cooler than "downstate", and they just opened a brand new huge state built shooting facility up there. haven't been there, but I've heard it's very nice.
Wages can be lower - we are a right to work state, no waiting to get in at the union shop. But we do have jobs, including state jobs.
C'mon down for a visit and see what you think.
Gary, that property in Florence is probably worth $10K again now... I know the area, been working there for over 10 years.
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