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I have the phantom and really like it. I use the IWB soft loops most of the time and it conceals my PPQ quite well. While you can't tuck a shirt in around it, I find when I need to tuck my shirt in I'm usually wearing something that necessitates a smaller gun anyway.
I do also like the option of wearing it OWB as in the winter it's fewer layers to go under for my gun, but doesn't require a change of holster.

There is a long wait for Raven, but I wouldn't worry about not hearing from them. Once it gets into the queue they move pretty fast. They're really good about letting you know when anything happens, they're just so backlogged it takes a long time for them to even process your order. I think mine was in my hand maybe 2 weeks after it got into the production queue.

For a glock 19 I think they may have less of a wait. They have an express option for a few popular models, as long as you don't want a lot of non-standard options (light, coyote tan, differnt cant, etc.).
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