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Remember Mike if you need any help with the hogs this winter I'm just a phone call away.

Have you tried any NOE moulds?
I hear ya, and if I could guarantee they would be around when you got here I wouldn't hesitate to set something up. My little place is simply a stop over point for them as they travel to and from where ever it is they go. I catch them coming across every now and again, and on my game cams once in a while, but I am either here during the week working or if there on a weekend, sleeping. I don't bother them much at night, since I usually hit the floor around 4'ish every morning, I'm usually starting to slow down pretty well around 8'ish in the evening. I head down in the pasture just before sunrise every time we're up there in the hopes of intercepting them as they cross. I get lucky every once in a while, but mostly it is all happenstance.

I DO have one NOE mold, but it is in a 160gr .264 for my 6.5. I haven't even poured any lead though it yet. I picked it up as part of a bundle I got from a fellow on another forum. It looks to be brand new and never used. Might be. I did some reading up on loading the 6.5 with cast AFTER picking it up and not sure I want to dive off into that just yet. I get frustrated enough with that particular rifle loading jacketed so figured I would just hold off until I got one of the 30 cal's up and running first. Of course I need to finalize the loads for my revolvers before I jump off into those as well cause I know once I do the revolvers will be sitting on the shelves for a while.
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