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I've built a few over the years. My favorite is the Model 70 Action.

Years ago, (early 80s) I bought "6" Model 70 actions for a total price of $235.

I've made some dern nice accurate rifles with those actions. Problem now is I want another Model 70 to build a long range target rifle in 260 Rem.

My 1000 yard match rifle in 300 WM

This one is a Remington 700 in 308, a hunting rifle I built or my Grandson

This is a Model 70 in 243 I built for my wife. It's one of the most accurate rifles I have.

I have several more but I don't have pictures of, One a 416 Rigby on a 1917 Rem action, and another Model 70 Win in 30-06 which I built as a Vietnam Era Sniper Clone.

I do all my own metal work and bluing. I like Bishop Stocks the best (no long in business). I also used some aftermaket fiberglass stocks (as seen on my GS's Remington.

The stock on my wifes 243 is a new Winchester take off I got from a gun smith.

If you don't have a lathe and milling machine, Midway (as well as others) have pre-treaded, pre-chamber barrels for just about any action you want.

You just have to get a finish reamer and HS gages, to do the final headspace.

The quality is based on how much effort and care you put into the rifle.

But it can be done. Something about owning and shooting your own rifle.
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