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Boar hunting locales in the Sonoma county area in CA?

Hello all, I'm an avid hunter of 10 years and am currently looking for a place/places to hunt. Most of my experience comes from living and hunting on a 2700 acre ranch in the Lake Sonoma region, unfortunately I no longer have permission to hunt there and am currently residing in Santa Rosa but am willing to travel. The proper hunting safety and etiquette are paramount in my eyes, so please, don't be bashful if you're looking for a hunter or a hunting partner. I'm an old fashioned hunter, I don't use dogs and I rarely bring a scoped weapon, not saying they're bad just not my style. Not really sure what else to mention except I'm even willing to talk to private property owners so BLM land isn't the only option. Not only that but pretty much each public hunting grounds in the area I've visited are pretty barren. Thanks for any help. If there's anything I didn't cover feel free to ask.

P.s. I prefer rifle hunting but am a proficient archer if all you know of is an archery only site

One last thing, if you're in the area and you help find me a place I'd be more than happy to share my bounty for your help
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