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pal - welcome to the forum!

If you could post some photos of it, it would be a big help.

Perhaps also give some other general info with the photos - barrel length, you've already stated the caliber - along with any history of it that you may have or know. I've looked in what reference books I have and I can't find the name you list - doesn't mean anything though. Someone may have different books on gunmakers.

A lot of rifle makers purchased thier locks ready made as well as barrels, etc. - but some also made their own. Given the caliber, without seeing it, I would guess that it is probably not a converted flint and intended for putting meat on the table - smaller critters. You say it is "Kentucky" style but rifles were made in full stock and half-stock. Generally speaking, there were many makers who produced rifles in the 1830'2 - late 1800's for folks who needed a rifle when they picked up in the east and headed west. When we think of that, most folks thnk of the westward expansion to the plains, etc. but in the 1830's, there was a hard recession and many folks picked up and headed for such places as Michigan - my area where I live boomed at that time due to the openign of the Erie Canal and the opportunity to homestead government land. Over my years of collecting, I've seen many such rifles - most of them half stock in smaller calibers such as 36 to 45 that were passed down in families that originally came here at that time. I post these comments just as general information.

If you know anything about the history of your rifle - include it as it sometimes can lead back to the general area of origin if the maker is not listed in a reference of early gunmakers.
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