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I think part of the cause for my concern is that I have relatives who currently live, or lived in states at one time, that are very hostile towards gun owners. I have witnessed, second hand, how overzealous anti-gun politicians have enacted laws that seem contrary to our Constitution at the state and local level. It seems that the politicians who are most vociferous in their hostility towards firearms, like Senator Charles Schumer of New York, are almost unbeatable in their districts. I hope that I'm wrong, but sometimes it seems that election results, like occurred last Tuesday, embolden politicians like Schumer, to resurrect and lead the fight against firearms owners. We, firearms owners, need to wait and see what happens, but we must be vigilant and ready to act as a group in lobbying efforts with our congressmen and senators through phone calls and letters and spreading the word to those who may not pay attention to current events. Whether you own firearms for hunting, sport, or self-defense. we must stay and work together to protect our rights and freedoms.

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