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I don't think the FF tube is necessary. On rifles with wood furniture maybe—but the AR? I don't think so.
That may depend on your intended use. For target shooters using a sling, the free float tube isolates the considerable sling pressure from the barrel. As issued, the sling is attached, essentially, to the end of the barrel. Slinged up and shooting prone, that pull makes the barrel flex and alters the POI in an inconsistent way.

how much accuracy do you want? I have a non free floated 16" mid leanth heavy barrel without crome that will shoot 3/4 - 1 MOA all day long. It will hold 2MOA with wolf ammo. So I would say get a good trigger, good (better yet great) sighting system, use quality ammo and you can have a 1MOA rifle all day long.
No argument about the trigger. About the are they being shot? From the bench? From position using a sling? The whole point of free floating the barrel is to remove sling pressure.
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