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Can't give you any advice on the CVA Wolf,don't own one. But the Optima is a decent inline. As far as shooting the Powerbelt's, I have two CVA's and a Remington 700 inline the shoots them well. A Knight that does just okay with them and the T/C Encore doesn't shoot them well at all.
Used to have the Accura and gave it to my brother. Liked it very well.

Shooting the Powerbelts since before they became Powerbelts(they were once called 'Blackbelts' by Big Bore Express out of Idaho ), I will say if you get to using a powder measure of much north of 110grns. the accuracy tends to start failing rather quickly. To many fliers. Stay around 90-100grns. and if your rifle will shoot the PB's, you'll be happy.
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