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ar 15 build quality

friend of mine does build them for a reasonable price . he has been doing this for a few years . he is a tool maker/machinest for a living.

thinking about having him do one for me . i want to be sure i am getting a decent quality gun , i own a stag and its seems decent so i want it to be at least that good . his goes for in the neighbor hood of $650-$850 . depending on variables and add ones to the gun.

questions arise ... how do i check or gain knowledge of the parts he is using to verify what quality these guns are ?
he tells me there is not a great deal difference in uppers , lowers etc. because there are only two or three makers of the parts that nearly ALL manufactured brands use ! how true is that statement ? !
if he is using certain suppliers are there certain ones i should be leary of or have most of the suppliers use decent quality in this day and age ? !

i am not inclined to try the build myself so any experiences/info on this would or could mean something to me
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