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One day at the pinking range three guys showed up. Everyone was shooting at milk jugs. The guy next to me was plowing up the earth around a variety of jugs and I thought he was just kidding around, no one could be missing at a plinking I joined in fun and started laughing.
The guy glared at me.
Realizing I might have been in error I asked if he was really trying to hit the target. He said nothing but his two friends chimed in.."It's worse than that"
"How?" I asked.
"He's a cop!" they said.
How he qualified I don't know but in any event I told him to try my revolver and shoot single action.
Six dead milk jugs and a look of joy over his face, I guess it was the first time in his life he could really hit anything. I said, I think it is a matter of personal choice. I own about 50 handguns and my favorites are a 6" Model 19 in 357, Model 29 with a 6 1/2" barrel and in 44 Magnum, and Colt Gvt 1911 (45 ACP). I'd feel comfortable using any of them in a gun fight although I've actually only been in 2 gun fights and had different handguns in both of them.
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