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every semiauto I own malfunctions between 2 and 4%
I don't recall every hearing anyone say that. I have never had a semi that malfunctioned (a) with normal ammo, (b) when it was clean (I have a .22 whose extractor claw fouls), and (c) the shooter does his/her part (see previous post).

That is not to say that mechanical problems don't exist in semis, but your statement causes me to wonder what semis you have owned, what kind of ammo you use, and most importantly whether you may have something wrong with your technique that would benefit from a little bit of coaching. I offer this out of concern rather than being snarky: If you are getting 2% to 4% failures in a variety of semis, of reasonable quality, with commercially made ammo from a major manufacturer, it may be time to start wondering if the common factor is the operator.
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