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Leupold 2 peice don't require you to remove the charging hump, and get the M38/96 bases for intermedieate length Mausers, I've used these before. The picture I just posted is just a stock photo, so it doesn't show the mod for the charging hump. Here is a Weaver one piece base that will work with your action as well but I don't know about the charging hump. I just typed in the search box Mauser 96 at SWFA and got two pages of results that will work with your action.

You'll definately need to rework the bolt handle or replace it all togehter to have it clear your scope, but you don't have to be saddled with using "high rings". I'll recommend Accu-Tig for that, if you are doing this a piece at a time as money allows. If not any competent gunsmith can replace or forge the old bolt handle to clear the scope and work with any height of rings.
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