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I load all my ammo on my old Lyman single stage press and have for 30+ years,on average I would say I do anywhere from 100 to 200 rds. at a time but I've done fewer and a whole lot more in one setting.

In general I do all my brass prep before hand,that includes everything but installing primers on both rifle and pistol cartridges. I basically do two stage loading,prep all the brass one day then load it all up the next time I'm at the bench.

I prime all my brass with the Lee hand primers,I have one set up for S and L primers it doesn't take long to prime 100 cases,all my pistol and some of my cast bullet rifle loads are all thrown with the RCBS Lil Dandy and about 10 different rotors. The rest of my rifle loads get thrown with a RCBS DUO Measure only one has to be trickled due to the powder type. Things go pretty fast doing it the way I have it worked out.

Handloading,smelting and casting are my hobbies especially in the cooler and colder months of the years. It's what I enjoy doing to relax after a long days work or just a lazy afternoon,I'm not much of a TV guy so that leaves a lot of free time. Never really thought of it as being time consuming or like work
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