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Good posts Manta, Sport and Rifleman, agreed with both of you. Why, why is this such a perplexity to a couple of you? Hey Sparks....I'm just fine with my notion of NOT carrying inside my home and I listed the reasons already.

@ Glenn...didnt see the little winky smile the first time. If it was a joke...ha ha ha. I took it as a dig. Either way Im completely comfortable with my method and not losing sleep over it despite how adiment some of you speak up against it. I have a child...I play with her after work & roll around....having a loaded Glock C1 at my waist isnt smart. Period.

@ Jammer, glad to bring a smile to someone's face inadvertently. I dont mind a laugh at my own expense but its when these old school guys get all ruffled at the notion that I think its ridiculous to carry 24/7 and attempt to belittle me with jokes about being "conflicted" or "scared" of my carry system. My system works for ME.

To each their own. Some of you guys are too much lol

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