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You have accumulated some VERY fine molds for several different calibers and I have been intending on getting with you to try a couple of them out. I just keep getting caught up with the new MP molds I have, and working up loads and alloys for them instead.

Once I actually find some standardized loads with what I have I will touch base with you on a couple of yours, and see how they run as well.


The nice thing about the MP molds is they usually always are built with a solid or blank pin option. This lets you pour a solid out of the same mold as you would a HP. This was one of the major selling points for me. Not to mention you could also order an extra set of which ever HP pin, then trim it down if you wanted to for a shallower hole in the nose.

I am just using my alloy to try and control the expansion with the HP's and with the solid versions just pouring the straight LG Iso core alloy for them. I am hopeful that the blend I put together a couple of weeks back will perform to my expectations in the 41 and 44 mags. If so I have plenty of hogs that they will be tested out on in the upcoming near future.
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