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With all due respect, if your electronic lock/keypad freezes (a fairly common problem, especially with safes in basements or other high humidity rooms), instead of taking a reciprocating saw to it, try calling a locksmith. A pro can get into any safe in about 10 minutes and replace the defective electric lock with a S&G or other mechanical lock for a lot less money than having to replace the whole safe once you destroy it with your saw.
In my case, there wasn't a thing to salvage.
My brother in law worked it over pretty well with a sledge.
I believe all a locksmith would have done @ that point would have been to take a recip saw to it.

Still - this isn't about that.

I simply made the comment I'd like to see some sort of system put in place that would rate residential secuity containers on how well they resist a brute force attack.
They rate them for fire, so why not some sort of system that rates them for forced entry?

My best guess would be that most of them, even the high priced ones, would have extremely low ratings.

I have a $900 Browning in the family room that I'm pretty sure could be cut into with a recip saw or an angle grinder w/out any problem at all & proabably in a time frame measured in seconds.

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