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With all due respect, if your electronic lock/keypad freezes (a fairly common problem, especially with safes in basements or other high humidity rooms), instead of taking a reciprocating saw to it, try calling a locksmith. A pro can get into any safe in about 10 minutes and replace the defective electric lock with a S&G or other mechanical lock for a lot less money than having to replace the whole safe once you destroy it with your saw. I know this based on personal experience; I was amazed at how quickly the locksmith was able to break into my $900 10 gun safe when the electronic keypad died.

As for the OP, aside from the dying in humidity problem, I would avoid the electronic safes since they start low battery beeping at inopportune moments and basically advertise themselves "hey, valuable stuff here..." when you aren't around. I had two of them and gave up. On the other hand a mechanical tumbler lock (classic S&G) takes too long to open during an emergency. You don't want a keyed safe in an emergency for the same reason, plus the fact that bad guys/drunk roomates might find the key. Therefore, I'd look at an old fashioned, 3 or 4 number mechanical lock. There are plenty of models out there, fairly cheap (under $200) with 16+ gauge steel walls. Not enough to stop a pro (nothing is) but enough to stop or seriously slow down the threats you are likely to be worried about.
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