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Reloading should stay fun and interesting or else you may not pay as close attention as needed, or an enjoyable hobby becomes a chore.

I estimate how many rounds I am willing to do at the time and just do that. On my Lee turret press that could be one batch of 25 test loads (5 rounds each if five powder charges), or 100-300 rds of one load. Then I take a break and see if I want to do more. If you have to load a certain volume for competition or something then get the equipment that allows you to still enjoy it. If you can't afford a turret or progressive then load what only to the volume you can do with enjoyment and limit how much you shoot to match that volume. Or supplement with factory ammo.

Safety in reloading is dependent on attention to detail and willingness to pause and evaluate and correct if necessary. Pushing yourself to meet an impractical volume goal is tempting a lax attitude.
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