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springfield range officer ?'s

Ok guys ive always loved 1911's I only own one as of now. Its an ria tactical in .45. its fun i like it a lot. i bought a few nice holsters to carry it with. but it hasnt proved to be reliable enough for me trust it enough to carry. not to mention im always looking for a new excuse to buy a gun. So my excuse is that my ria isnt reliable enough of a 1911 for carry so i need a different 1911 that will be reliable enough.. I dont mind the weight at all i prefer to carry full size pistols. my carry guns as of now are my g20 or xdm 4.5 in .45 of course...
my question to you is how well does the range officer perform? would you carry it yourself? are there any 1911's similar in price that will be better suited for carry? i personally dont like the super high end 1911's with full melts,checkering everywhere and expensive grips. i just dont care. i want a 1911 that will go bang everytime i pull the trigger that is my #1 concern. so let me know what you think
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