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I don't like to buy when prices are high. I like to buy when prices are low.

I don't like to buy when it's hard to find what I want. I like to buy when it's easy to find what I want.

So I don't buy ammo in the middle of ammo panics. I buy my ammo when I find really good deals and I tend to buy a lot of it at a time to save money and to minimize hassle.

I always keep a stock on hand so that when prices temporarily spike and shortages make it hard to find ammo, I don't have to worry about searching for ammo or paying more than it's really worth.

It all makes perfect sense to me, but apparently others think differently.
Not necessarily....

I believe there were a number of things they would have liked to do (or try to do) but refrained, fearing it would cost them reelection. They don't have to worry about that now...

I'd say look for them to trot out every one of their pet schemes, and try to get it implemented, by hook or by crook.
I think that's true.

Congress has to worry about the next election...
...and that's going to be a very important factor.

Bottom line is that while things are not ideal, they're really not hugely different than they were last week.

I'd say the chances of a problem have increased, but only a little. For practical purposes, Congress is the same formidable obstacle it was last week as far as anti-gun legislation is concerned.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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