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I Got a Cool Little 22 Pistol Today

When I was young, I had a Jennings J22. I never could get it to shoot more than 3 rounds at a time, before it was jammed. I had a Stainless Mark II Target at the time also, so I sold the Jennings and never looked back. I have thought about that little pistol, from time to time, thinking how great a reliable 22 pistol of that size would be. I decided I would like to have another 22 micro pistol, so the search was on. I found the Beretta 21a, and the Taurus PT-22. I know there are others, but decided that one of the two mentioned pistols would be what I would end up with, since they are both from major manufacturers, and because I was intrigued by the "Tip Up" barrel design. I read reviews of each, and was disappointed that neither had a stellar reputation as far as reliable functioning. Then I stumbled onto the Taurus PLY-22. It is a redesign of the PT-22 with a polymer frame. It has an 8 shot magazine, a manual safety, a magazine disconnect, and second strike capability. I decided from the positive reviews, that I would order one, since none of my local shops had any in stock. I got the Stainless version, and there is a blued model also. I hadnt heard from the gun shop I ordered it from for a few days, so this morning, I decided to go in and see what was happening. When I walked in, it was sitting on the counter, waiting for me. I did the paperwork and went straight to the range. When I got there, I ran a soaked patch, and then a dry patch down the barrel, and loaded up the magazine with Mini Mags. An hour later, I was very pleased. I had shot 200 rounds thru the little Taurus, and it functioned PERFECTLY. I had some other 22 ammo in the bag, so I decided to try it. I shot Remington Golden, and CCI Blazer Bulk. All shot without any failures of any kind. Total round count was 380 and no troubles at all. This little pistol is a joy... no slide to manipulate, easy to see if its loaded, very accurate at 7 yards, smooth DAO trigger, and its a looker also. I had 2 shooters come ask what I had, and to shoot it. They both were impressed, and both said they would like to own one of these little Taurus pistols. I field stripped it when I got home, and I see no signs of any wear. Sure is easy to clean the barrel. I held it all afternoon, looking at it from different angles, and enjoying the way it feels, and operates. It wont be a carry gun, simply a toy. I would never carry a 22 for Self Defense, but I guess it would make a good BUG. My wife will like it, because she wont have to rack the slide to charge it. Thats the beauty of a "Tip Up". Im getting up early tomorrow, and going back to the range, to burn some more ammo thru my new little friend.

A couple quick pictures, cause I know... No Pictures, Didnt Happen...

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