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I wonder if I should be using hotter loads, like a +p?
I wouldn't use this in the P380. No industry standard exists for .380ACP+P. A load advertised as such is either a phony marketing gimmick, or is loaded beyond the design pressure of the cartridge.

I would be hesitant to fire such a cartridge because the gun (and shooter!) may be catastrophically damaged and the manufacturer may be unwilling to fix it under warranty.

The gun should work using virtually any recently-manufactured factory load from a reputable company.
every semiauto I own malfunctions between 2 and 4% I'm very concious of limp wristing it, so I don't think that's the problem.
2% to 4% is a LOT. This is well beyond the failure rate I've seen with virtually any modern pistol.

What other autoloaders do you own? Do you clean them regularly and lubricate them as specified in the owner's manuals?

What type of failures to you typically experience? Jams, FTEs, stovepipes, or...? Factory ammo or handloads?
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