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Ralph G. Briscoe
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Bad advice

I've noticed that since I began reading gun and outdoor magazines (c. 1958) the quality of writing has steadily declined. I generally ignore it, but while perusing the magazine rack at the local Kroger's this evening I saw such a profound example of dangerous stupidity I had to mention it. The latest issue of Concealed Carry magazine contains an article by one Kevin R. Davis entitled "Revolvers to the Rescue." His mention of the importance of close-range practice includes a picture of Kevin R. at the range shooting at a silhouette target with a snubby at a range of about 5 feet one-handed with his arm fully extended to eye level...aiming. It violates common sense, as well as the advice of experts, as this approach offers your assailant the best possible chance of disarming you, deflecting your aim, or grabbing the revolver to lock up the cylinder. 5 feet is point-shooting range, and time to keep your weapon close to your body. I hope this guy's bad example doesn't get anybody killed.
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