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^I call the Five-Seven innovative.

Its the only 5.7x28 handgun (wish it wasn't the only one)
Completely ambidextrous safety and mag release (as a left handed shooter that is major bonus)
Huge capacity for a handgun with a 20 round clip
Under barrel rail for laser or tac light
Disassembles into 3 main parts
I have never heard of one jamming
30% less recoil than 9mm
Hits almost as hard as a .357 magnum

What more could you ask for in a handgun? I get it that some people like big heavy slow moving bullets from their hangun. But I know what a fast moving 40 grain v-max does when it impacts flesh and it should only take one well placed shot to dispatch a threat with it. If it doesn't you have 19 more chances before you have to reload.
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