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Good Ol Boys Only?

I offer No apologies for this. I am a Texas bread, born and raised woman and as such I speak My mind.

It is my observation that some post, just don't get many replies. Usually it's some one new or a question that some deem to be dumb.

While some members on here make excellent post and respond with advice there is no lack of snarky comments. I know I have made a few post and received not one response until I ask again and someone usually one of the posters I mentioned and have grown to respect on here provide some feed back.

I'm NOT a competition shooter, I'm NOT a gun smith, I do have 9 years prior law enforcement experience and I've been around firearms since I could walk.

My point is that for an open forum it seems to be pretty closed off. I'm not put off receiving an infraction for a post I placed but what does put me off is the closed off feeling on here, Maybe I'm not a good Ol boy or a Bubba, or an active LEO, but I AM a Shooter!!

You can close this post and give me another infraction or go ahead and ban me but it has to be said. Like My post or not, I joined for the love of the gun and the sport. I am an avid 2nd amendment supporter and member at my local shooters club. Sorry If I don't fit in to your lil club here but if you only want a certain type gun owner on here maybe you should put that in one of the sticky post and ward off the other people.

I guess from now on I'll know not to expect much from this sight and use it only as a reference rather than expect feed back. Much respect to those few who do take time to reply and post to the rest of you remember we have to ban together for our rights as gun owners and for the advice we can offer each other... otherwise why have a sight like this to begin with.

I've said my Piece, Do what ya got to do... whatever.
"The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."
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