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I got it

Well after 630 miles and 12 1/2 hours I finally picked up my Garand. It is a service grade SA with a serial number in the 5.8 million range enough talk here are the pictures:

And my Fantastic Four:

A couple of observations, almost every Interstate in Alabama must be under construction which added to the time on the road. We arrived just as the ladies that process the paperwork went to lunch this, and the fact that there were five other folks ahead of us added up to two hours on site. Also next time I will use mail order not only did I burn about $35 in gas (I own a Prius) but I paid almost $80 in sales tax which makes the mail order a no brainier. Still I wouldn't trade the experience for the world I have my Garand, ammo, clips, sling, and Hatcher's Book of the Garand so I am in seventh heaven.

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