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Thanks for the reccomendation Chad and Steve...

Steve, wow thats some great information and much I did not know. What is the acryonym MOA?

I am using the AR for persona/home or SHTF senerio, and some target practice, nothing serious with a 16" barrell; I just want to be sure I select the best bang for the buck. Your info gave me more perspective to take into consideration.

I am leaning toward the M&P AR-15t. The barrell specs say (1 in 8" 5R Rifling) so with that twist would a slightly heaver bullet be best, what are they like 68 or 69 grain?

I've checked on this AR and difficult to find in stock also... any reccomendations?


edit: BTW, Chad you will love the MP AR15-22. It is a very fun AR and cost nothing to shoot. Think I need me some squrill, LoL
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