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"Is 8 shots enough?", question has been answered by fellow shooters a long time ago by using one simple drill.

Start with two IPSC type & size carboard targets at 10 yards that are suspended in the air, from a target frame, using string tied to one or more balloons hidden from the shooters view. Just as the BG vitals are not exposed, the balloon(s) can't be seen either. Hit enough balloons and the target falls. Mix in alittle natural wind movement, stress from other shooters watching you's only 10 yards under ideal conditions, you have plenty of time to get ready...

Sometimes there is 3 or 4 or 5 ballons,; sometimes just one balloon per target is used, sometimes 1 bullets goes thru more than 1 balloon.

It is non uncommon for more than 1 shooter to reload a high capacity piece to complete the drill. Go ahead and laught. Tell yourself that could never be you.Only 10 yards? Everyone is thinking the same thing; 'Oh that's easy'. Sure. Keep thinking you are smarter & better than the guy whom had to fire 20 plus shots.

If you know someone whom has gone thru this they probably won't think it's so funny. But your eight shots will be enough. Emm--Hmmm.

"Is 8 shots enough?",

It better be because you aren't getting any of my ammo.

For all you GGs out there I say I hope so.
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