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Im not ill about Slamfires post- all i care about is having no lack of confidence when i squeeze the trigger at 200+ yards on a coyote or deer or what ever game i am after so, i appreciate all advice but i will admit that im confused now because i have read in so many places that neck sizing (when using fire formed brass in the same gun exclusively) yeilds the best results from a precision standpoint.

That is the sole reason i do it-not because its faster. Im not concerned with case life simply because after i find my load, i only check my scope and hunt from that point foreward and am not a high volume shooter. I understood that a case thats formed to a specific chamber will bring the most consistant results. Is this more misconception than fact?

FL sizing would not make my loading secessions longer because i still tumble twice with neck sizing just to make sure my finger prints from case prepping dont stain the case and also to know i dont leave any brass shavings in the case from trimming, deburring, etc.
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