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Hey Glenn, now you are purposely picking a fight with me, again. Whats up dude?

You are entitled to your opinion but you dont get to bully just because you are a mod. Reason #1 why I almost left this place the first time. I was PRETTY clear in explaining the 2 main reasons I choose not to carry inside my house. I'll make it 3 since you seem so interested....

1) I do not live in Syria. I live in Suburbia. I have adequate locks, ADT security, and live on a quiet street

2) I like to change into comfortable clothes when I get home. Sweats arent practical for a belt & holster.

3) I enjoy play time with my 1 year old daughter which includes rolling around, etc. Carrying a holstered Glock C1 isnt a smart I keep the gun SAFELY tucked away near me at all times. In fact its 3 feet from my left hand as I type this reply.

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