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"I think a 357 in 4-6" and a 12g is adequate for anything."

Unfortunately, that just isn't the case. These rare instances are the reason virtually every (at least that I've seen) police officer carries a patrol carbine in their car.

The average citizen doesn't always have the luxury of waiting for the police to show up and save them. Just the same, the patrol officer doesn't always have the luxury of waiting around for SWAT to show up with more fire power.
In the STL Metro area the 870 is still standard issue. However, the revolver has long-since been retired (not to knock revolvers ) in favor of the 92 (Glocks as well in some Counties). The AR's, however, are frequently deployed when there is a major incident/crisis of some sort (just not seen in a standard patrol car).

That said and in no way to disparage the venerable 870 or 500 (pump platform in general), but if I were an officer and had to patrol with a SG instead of carbine, I would want a Benelli M4 or Remington 1187P (perhaps a 590A1 for beter pump capacity if semi is not a choice). The key variable here in the "Hood" is the perpetual Bugetary problems that fiscally prevent the Department from procuring a huge block of AR's or Semi-Auto SG's (it's not a training issue that many mistaken the failure to migrate over to).
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