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From S&W collectors - Standard Catalog - 3rd edition...

Model 66-1 1977 - 1981.

Model 66-2 started in 1982...thru 1985...
When you say its dated 1984 / is the box engrave or the gun - or maybe both ??
In the Standard Catalog - there are 2 pages of "variations" for this model ..and there is a line in the listing ...but it says only " Tulsa Police: Caliber: 357 Magnum" nothing noted about anything being etched into the gun, how many were made, etc.... Tulsa Police was in italics - probably meaning - the guns were etched with just those words.

But I think its certainly possible that the Tulsa Police bought more than a few of the model 66-1 and kept them in their armory for presentation pieces or commemoratives.
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