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I started with a Rockchucker I still have it and my son uses it. I'd still use it if needed, it's one hell of a press.

Then I bought an RCBS Turret. I like it a lot but wish I had gone ahead and bought a progressive. I think the Turret is an unnecessary step between single and progressive.

Dont get me wrong, I use the Turret a lot, and I enjoy it. With RCBS customer support helping out with the things I break, I never have a problem that goes unsolved. RCBS support is astronomical. I recently bought a set of LEE dies, they perform well but in reality they are not supported in the fashion I have become used to. If I break a decapping pin I write RCBS and they replace it, no problem. I don't know for sure but I'd guess LEE would tell me to go suck an egg (and I wouldn't blame them). I have never used LEE customer support, so I can only guess.

So heres what I've learned.

Your first press most likely needs to be a single stage. You will use it the rest of your reloading years. The second press needs to ba a progressive, It seems like RCBS and Dillon lead the pack.

Just my opinion, OCYMMV.
David Bachelder
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