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Getting Ready for my first true AR15

Hey guys, thanks for reading my post. Several months ago I asked about going with a .223/556 or .300 for an AR. Well after discussion and plenty of positive feedback I purchased a .22 MP15-22 last spring. It has been a super fun AR to target practice, plink with and kind of looking to maybe nab a few squirrels. Anyway after some training with a retired ARMY master shooter and trainer. He has been very patient and I have learned so much.

All that being said, and now thinking the prices of arms is going to jump I am ready to get a .223/556 AR15, one that is mil-spec so no issues changing uppers to a larger caliber.

Questions? My first consideration was a Colt 6920 or 6940 series, I would like one with a quad rail, however I can't seem to find these series in stock or for sale anymore, are they discontinued? The 6970 series with the quad rail caught my attention but after doing some research many are reporting issues with tolerances between the barrel nut and quad rail resulting in looseness of the rail therefore front sight issues.

Some other considerations for an AR is Ruger and S&W. What I don't quite understand is the barrel twist 1:7, 1:8, 1:9 twist ratios and 6 land or 7 land. How does these change affect base rifle accuracy? I might assume any might be more accurate and any other depending on the grain weight of the bullet?

I think right now I am trending toward the S&W AR15T, I think it has a lower twist rate than the Colt and possibly 6 groove but I feel the accuracy of the rifle would probably exceed my own skill level, still I want the most accurate possible.

I have also given thought to building one up but have no idea on which would be the best brand of individual components, mainly upper and lower, to go for.

Well, I'm rambling a bit, some suggestions, comments, recommendations are so very appreciated!

Thanks, Scott in Georgia
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