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If you have the original/correct FP, with just the tip broken, there's two alternatives:

1) Repair- Grind the front end flat/square, center drill the now flat front face with small sacrificial drill bit which will have it's shank either epoxied or soldered in it's own hole, checked & altered/filed for proper shape/protrusion.

2) Make a replacement - Match a sacrificial drill bit (or some drill rod) to the FP for the same diameter, cut it 1/4" longer than needed and grind out the retaining flat before reducing the diameter of the nose, leaving the reduced diameter overly long for later shape/protrusion checking/altering, as above.

If you're not confident in your ability to do either of the above, anyone who calls himself a machinist should be able to do either step for you in under 30mins.


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