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I have closed my bolt on very tight loads due to neck sizing and have never had any trouble opening bolt before or after firing. The only time I had a bolt opening issue was when I had a extreme over pressure caused by my re sizing lube cementing the bullets into the cases on a batch that was a couple years on the self. I wasn't cleaning the lube out of case necks after I was Q tip ing necks with RCBS case lube., anyway, if I had your rifle in my hands I would make up a few dummy rounds and feel very carefully how the bolt handle feels closing. I am thinking you have a shoulder or indent in the locking lugs from some previouse issue or birth defect of the rifle, if you will.
If you have trouble opening the bolt handle with a dummy load chambered I guess you might bump the bolt forward with a soft block of some kind.
But in careful feeling of the bolt closing you should feel something.
thanks! I bet that was the problem I was having. My mentor (who is an old school reloader) wasn't advised that I had neck sized die's. or didn't understand it yet. He told me "Always use lube on your casing" Even when I questioned him about the "lubeless dies" he replied; "Don't know nothing about them, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anything."
So all in all, I bet that was the prob. While letting the live round sit in the gun for a while, the lube fused inside of the chamber. Shooting it off must have jolted it free.
Lessons learned, Clean all finished rounds off before you load them up.

Thanks guy for all your info....
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