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The rest of the bad guys will take off running?

You mean they may take off running; you might even mean they will most likely take off running.

You can't seriously say they will do anything. Not all of them have read your script.

Meanwhile, note that while LE used to carry 6 shot revolvers, you'd be hard pressed to find any agency that currently issues same.
And you would find many cases of officers being killed, or being unable to stop the bad guy, because they only had six rounds. I lost a couple of friends who emptied their guns before they were killed.

Like I said, I carried a revolver the majority of my time as a cop, and I often carry one now. But would I go back to being a cop with one? Not in a million years. And anyone that would doesn't understand the job, or they watch too much TV.

As a cop, if you start taking rifle fire from 100 yards away, while you're out of the car doing an accident investigation, (a real event), you can't call a time out. Having 15+ rounds on tap, with a fast reload available, might make the difference in hitting the target, or interfering with his fire. I could suggest a hundred other similar scenarios.

As a CCW, your chances are less of being in one of these outliers. Only you can decide how prepared you want to be for one anyway.
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