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Ayoob shouldn't have written that. There's a lot of hype in that piece, but I think I know why. The lobbyist groups and high profile individuals in the gun industry know that if the fear stays high they keep gun owners vigilant. If they quit talking about it Joe Public may lose interest and become complacent. I don't agree with the tactic, but I understand it, and the anti-gun establishment makes it easy to do.

One rabid anti-gunner or another cooks up some insane piece of legislation every time Congress is in session, they always have, but they don't gain traction because they cannot get the support needed. They're simply feeding their base. Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, and others that come from heavily anti-gun and extreme liberal districts and states could introduce anything and still get elected. That's what their constituents want, so they do it. Then they can go campaign and say "I introduced legislation to get these evil guns off the streets, but my right wing, bloodthirsty gun nut fellow lawmakers refused to help me enact any reasonable regulations to curb the violence because they're in the NRA's pocket, but I will keep trying as long as you keep sending me back." Etcetera, ad. nauseum.
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