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hooligan, if you'll read what I wrote in post #5, you'll see that I couldn't prove that one way of sizing gave better accuracy than another, though I did feel that neck or partial sizing gave better results in my rifles. It's an opinion that may or may not be fact. As for the OP, he had a problem and wanted a little help. In my view all he had was a case shoulder or three that needed to be pushed back just a bit. A minor issue and easily corrected with either partial or FL resizing.

And where in the world did the OP or I ever suggest that we wanted less than safe loads or functioning loads? In the last 40 years, I have not had a case that didn't chamber just as I wished or a final load that didn't shoot as well as I wanted. And never have I ever had any safety issues when hunting or reloading, at least not rifle or ammo related issues. As for accuracy, my longest shot offhand was a successful shot into the shoulder of a nice 9 point whitetail at approx 450 yards (with an astonished witness and without a lead sled or sandbags). I'm a safe reloader and a fine shot and hopefully the OP is too. Neither the OP nor I deserved any rude and angry comments from you or Slamfire.

I've said things on this forum in the past that I wish that I hadn't said, so I understand how easy it is to do that.
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