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The other side of the coin...

We're looking at this as "telling criminals" where to get guns, but look at the other side for a moment. Its also telling the criminals where NOT to go, because they could get shot! NON permit holders ought to be even more upset, because of this list!

If I lived in a neighborhood and the list was published showing 3 permit holders on my block (and I wasn't one of them) that's telling the crimiinals its safe to rob me, because I'm NOT armed!!!!

Doesn't this put me and my family in more danger than that of the permit holder????? After all, the gun owners might just be willing and able to defend themselves....

Point that out to the non-gun owners when they don't think its a big deal.....

note: the above comments are intended as sarcasm, but there is a great deal of truth involved as well.
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